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The new approach of the company, in addition to completing and delivering existing projects and fulfilling past obligations and realizing the company's wasted rights, a new look to the future with principled and logical planning in order to have a large presence in the activity. Mass production of the country With priority given to esteemed members of the institute Cultural Reserve Fund For this purpose, using the high potential of over 900,000 members of the fund and planning based on this potential and strong presence in the mass housing market with the slogan of superior quality and cheaper price will be considered as a profitable business.

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Farhangian Housing Company From a collection of companies Teacher Construction Holding As one of the key and influential subsets Cultural Reserve Fund In order to achieve the lofty goals of the Cultural Reserve Fund and to play a worthy role in serving the large family of cultural figures, the country, with the support of 15 years of specialized activity in the construction industry, has developed its long-term plans in the horizon of 1400 in the form of a strategic document. All efforts are made to make it operational.

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A 3,500-year-old code of conduct committed to precision construction

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