Our company, our goals and customer orientation

Start of activity

Farhangian Housing Company According to the note of Article 2 of the agreement on the establishment of the Farhangian Housing Fund, it was registered in Tehran on 3/27/2003 with the registration number 204575.

Company development

Providing housing for cultural figures Initially, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development were established under the title of Farhangian Housing Fund with the Farhangian Reserve Fund, the National Land and Housing Organization, and the Moallem Construction Company (Private Joint Stock Company).

The main goal of the company

Provision of land, consulting, design and construction of construction, housing, development and town construction projects to provide housing for cultural figures based on current models of the Islamic Council, participation and concluding contracts in the construction and semi-finished projects of government, private, cooperatives, public institutions and foundations under each Titles including rent, mass production, etc., handing over the built units to educators and, if necessary, to other persons.

Company procedure

Signing the necessary contracts with public, private, cooperative institutions, other public institutions and foundations, investing in construction companies and manufacturers of construction materials, and conducting all commercial operations, both domestic and foreign, in connection with the construction of mass housing, prefabricated and housing construction technology, and Providing various construction materials, attracting investor participation, domestic and foreign public assistance and obtaining loans and other facilities from the banking system and financial and credit institutions inside and outside the country, export and import of goods and related machinery in order to achieve the company's goals.

The mission, vision and values ​​of the company

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide housing for esteemed members of the Cultural Reserve Fund and housing applicants with a closer look at new project management techniques, proper design, industrialization and interaction with suppliers in order to reduce "time-cost" and achieve a certain quality in buildings. Be. Relying on the experience of past mass production and constructive interactions with key institutions, as well as benefiting from specialized, elite, talented and highly scientific and executive forces, the company intends to use all its facilities to serve the members of the Cultural Reserve Fund and applicants. Apply housing.

Company Vision

The prospect of becoming a leading supplier and mass builder to provide housing in the country. Our goal is to recognize Farhangian Housing Company as a leader in the proper use of modern technology infrastructure and the use of new technology and construction methods.

Core values

1. Customer focus and attention to customer needs
2. Occupational safety and health
3. Reduce environmental hazards
4. Adherence to technical and engineering standards and standards
5. Observing the ethics of professional engineering

Farhangian Housing Company as one of the key and effective subsidiaries of Farhangian Reserve Fund in order to achieve the lofty goals of Farhangian Reserve Fund and play a worthy role in serving the large family of Farhangian, with the support of 15 years of specialized activity in the construction industry. It has compiled its long-term plans in the horizon of 1400 in the form of a strategic document and is taking steps to implement it with all its might.

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